Toshiba Base Board 

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  • The Toshiba Baseboard makes it possible to get started with experiments and prototyping immediately. The Baseboard can also be used together with the two stamp modules – TMPM330 and TMPM370, Toshiba’s Cortex M3 based controller stamp boards.

    Toshiba Base Board is cost effective and ideal for Companies, Development Engineers or hobby enthusiasts, who willing to work on different controllers with same peripheral interfaces.

    Toshiba Baseboard and Stamp modules together serve as an excellent platform to evaluate architecture like CORTEX-M3.

  • Hardware

    • Dimensions: 118.16 mm x 120 mm
    • PCB: 2 layer PCB with FR-4 material


    • Power supply: DC 7.5V with power LED and onboard linear regulators +3.3V/1A(DNL) & +5V/1A from the power supply
    • Alternate power source: USB mini connector


    • DC Jack connector
    • USB mini connector
    • Two RS232 port connectors
    • 20 pin JTAG connector
    • ZigBee interface connector
    • Bluetooth interface connector
    • Wi-Fi interface connector
    • Extension headers for all Micro-controller pins

    Other Peripherals

    • LCD: 2 line X 16 character LCD with backlight control
    • LEDs: 1- Power supply LED and 5- Test LEDs
    • Switches: 1- Power Switch and  5- User switches
    • ADC Potentiometer
  • Schematics


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