TMPM370 Stamp

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  • The TMPM370 is an evaluation stamp board which explores complete features of new ARM Cortex-M3 TMPM370FYFG microcontroller by Toshiba. Based on the ARM Cortex-M3 core running at 80MHz, the new device operates on 5.0V supply. It integrates Toshiba’s proprietary PMD3+ programmable motor driver technology, a vector engine (VE) 12-bit ADC functionality and a comprehensive set of peripherals and interfaces into a single 100-pin IC.

    The 12-bit ADC provides high-speed, PWM-synchronised analog-to-digital conversion, while an onboard comparator can be used for detecting emergency stop conditions. Other onboard features include a regulator, a single-channel encoder, power-on-reset/low-voltage detection, a watchdog timer and an 8-channel 16-bit timer.

  • Specifications-

    • PCB: 2 Layer PCB with FR-4 material
    • Power Source: USB Mini with power indicator and onboard linear regulators generate +3.3V/1A
    • Connectors: 1- USB Mini, 1- RS232 Port and  1- 10 Pin JTAG Connector
    • Switches: 1- Reset switch and 1- User switch
    • LED: 1- Power indicator LED and 2- Test LEDs
    • Extensions: Available for all Micro-controller pins
    • Dimensions: 63.75 mm x 49.53 mm
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