LPC1788 Xplorer++ 

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  • LPC1788-Xplorer++ is a cost effective evaluation platform for LPC1788 controller. The LPC1788 microcontroller has 512KB of internal flash, 96KB RAM and 4KB EEPROM. External Memory controller (EMC), LCD, Ethernet, USB Device/Host/OTG, an SPI Flash Interface (SPIFI), a General Purpose DMA controller, five UARTs, three SSP controllers, three I2C-bus interfaces, a Quadrature Encoder Interface, four general purpose timers, two general purpose PWMs with six outputs each and one motor control PWM, an ultra-low power RTC with separate battery supply and event recorder, a windowed watchdog timer, a CRC calculation engine and up to 165 general purpose I/O pins.

  • Following are the salient features of the LPC1788-Xplorer++

    •  Controller: LPC1788, 208 pin BGA
    •  PCB: 6-layer (102mm x 43mm, RoHS Compliant)
    •  Two LEDs
    •  One user switch and one reset switch
    •  On board Micro SD card slot
    •  32Mb Quad flash
    •  Onboard 32MB SDRAM on 32bit bus
    •  Onboard crystals for the controller, RTC and audio codec
    •  Onboard Ethernet PHY, 25 MHz Crystal and RJ45 connector with magnetics
    •  Onboard audio codec and audio jacks
    •  On board USB host
    •  Onboard USB Device
    •  On board, 2X RS232 UART connected to the header
    •  10-pin Cortex debug header
    •  Unused I/Os brought to header
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