CMSIS DAP Interface

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  • The CMSIS DAP is a compact USB to CMSIS DAP in-circuit debugger and programmer designed for ARM Cores. USB is a communication media to have communication between host PC and CMSIS DAP. It provides a standard ARM-compatible 10-pin and 20-pin CMSIS DAP interface. The CMSIS DAP interface enables an access to the on-chip debug module that is integrated into the ARM CPU. The debug module enables a programmer to debug the software on an embedded target system.

  • Specifications:-

    • USB 2.0 Full Speed device (12 Mbits/sec) interface
    • Debug and program all ARM processors supported by OpenOCD
    • Provides a standard 2X10 and 10 Pin CMSIS DAP interface
    • Power Source – USB.  No external power supply required
    • Complete schematic provided
    • Supported by open source debugger OpenOCD
  • CMSIS DAP Compatibility Information