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  • The ‘NGX ARM USB JTAG’ is a compact USB to JTAG in-circuit debugger and programmer designed for ARM cores.  It connects via USB to the host PC. The ‘NGX ARM USB JTAG’ provides a standard 20-pin JTAG interface as well as a standard RS232 port.

    It is based on FTDI's popular FT2232 Dual USB UART/FIFO integrated circuit.  The FT2232 has two devices integrated on it:

    • Channel A: USB to JTAG interface
    • Channel B: USB to SERIAL UART  

    JTAG Interface

       It provides a standard ARM-compatible 20-pin JTAG interface. The JTAG interface enables access to the on-chip debug module which is integrated into the ARM CPU.  The debug module enables a programmer to debug the software on an embedded target system.

    Serial UART

       ‘NGX ARM USB JTAG’ serial port provides you with an independent functional "USB to RS-232" serial device. For Linux, the RS232 driver for the FT2232 is part of the main kernel tree and is provided in most standard Linux distributions.  In Windows, you have to load the Windows driver for the FT2232.  Once the driver is loaded, Windows will assign a virtual COM port to the serial port. It operates just like a standard COM port.  You can use it on laptops or PC's that do not have a 9-pin legacy serial connector.

  • Features:

    • USB 2.0 Full Speed device (12 Mbits/sec) interface
    • Can be used to debug and program all ARM processors supported by OpenOCD
    • Provides a standard 2X10 pin JTAG interface
    • Adds a virtual RS232 serial port to your computer or laptop
    • No external power supply required – it runs off of the USB power from the host computer
    • Complete schematic provided
    • Supported by open source debugger OpenOCD and commercial tools like Crossworks
  • NGX ARM JTAG Compatibility Information

    Using NGX USB JTAG with Rowley Crossworks IDE

    NGX USB JTAG with CooCox Colink on Keil MDK (MDK-ARM)