PCB Services

PCB Layout Services
Our PCB Layout Specialists are available to help you stretch your resource dollars and speed your PCB prototyping cycle.  No job is too small (simple edits, revisions,etc.) or too complex. 
Just submit some basic design information, or minor changes to your existing files, and we'll get you a quote for the work. Let us do the board layout, and we'll even place your board order for you. That's right, you send us the schematic, board outline, & BOM (with component datasheets), we will send you the finished design file and finished bare boards. The boards come with the source design file, so you and your staff can pick up from where we left off, make any necessary adjustments, and reorder, as needed.
 NGX PCB Layout Services Include:
  • Providing expertise for the physical layout of your completed schematic design. Working from a CAD tool design file, or a netlist is strongly preferred.
  • Performing the physical layout of your design in OrCAD.
  • Delivering to you the design file along with your finished PC boards.